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What is Your.Rentals?

Why does my booking info mention Your.Rentals?

When you book a vacation rental property through our booking page or one of our partner sites such as Airbnb or Vrbo you might receive an email from Your.Rentals. You may also see our name mentioned on your booking form or other web pages.

What is Your.Rentals?

Your.Rentals is a service for people to manage their vacation rental properties. Property managers create a listing for their property and then use Your.Rentals to connect it to their chosen Sales Channels, or to securely process bookings and payments for their own business. Your.Rentals acts as an intermediary between you and the property manager.

Your.Rentals offers secure booking and payment protection. For the transmission of your personal data we use secure SSL-encryption.

Why am I receiving messages from Your.Rentals?

Your.Rentals distributes property listings on behalf of the property manager. This means that when a booking is made for a property, it is processed by us. That's why Your.Rentals will send you messages with details of your booking and payment. 

What about the vacation rental website I used to make the booking?

When you make a booking through a sales channel (such as Booking.com, TripAdvisor etc.) you will most likely also receive messages from these websites. In the event that you receive a message from a sales channel that conflicts with our messages, we strongly advise that you follow the information provided by Your.Rentals.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

If you have questions before check-in, for example about how to find the property or where you can collect your keys then we recommend that you contact the host directly. This information will be sent to you via email and will be on your booking details page.
If you need to add or amend your Optional Extras, you should do this directly via your booking details page.
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If there is a problem with your booking once you have arrived, and you cannot resolve it directly with the host you should contact Your.Rentals. You can do this using the Report a Problem button on your booking receipt page, which you can access via your confirmation email.
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If for any reason you need to cancel a booking in Your.Rentals, you should do this as early as possible to minimise any cancellation fees you will be charged. Cancellation can only be made by you from the Booking Receipt page, where you must click the Cancel Booking button and successfully submit the requested information on the cancel booking form.
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