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Guest: Reporting a Problem

How do I resolve a problem with my booking?

Reporting a Problem

In the event that you experience any issues as you get settled in, including problems checking-in, the property not being as advertised or advertised facilities not being available, you are able to “Report a Problem” within 24 hours of check-in. 

The check-in time is taken to be the earliest check-in time as specified on your Booking Receipt regardless of whether you have agreed another check-in time with the Property Manager, and the check-in time zone is the timezone of the Property, and not the time zone in which you reside.
Reporting a Problem can only be made by you from the Booking Receipt page, where you must must click the Report a Problem button and successfully submit the requested information on the Report a Problem form.

Resolving your problem

Once you have Reported a Problem Your.Rentals will ensure that the Property Manager is immediately notified and will not process any pending payments to the Property Manager until such time that the Problem has been resolved. As per the Terms & Conditions of booking a rental property with Your.Rentals you agree to grant the Property Manager a reasonable time limit to remedy the Problem or repair any defect or damage.
In the event that you are not able to find a suitable resolution directly with the Property Manager, Your.Rentals may choose to mediate a solution.
The Problem is considered resolved when you click the “Problem solved” button from the Booking Receipt page, or when you tell us that the problem is solved by email.