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Preventing fraud and scams

We take action against offenders in order to maintain the safety of the Your.Rentals platform and reduce the risks and losses from fraud and scams.

You may have heard of phishing, an identity theft technique in which someone pretends to be someone they are not, be it a company or a trusted person, to obtain access codes or passwords illegitimately. Phishing may seem like a strange word, but it is very common to fall for this type of scam. It can happen to anyone. 

In order to protect our hosts and guests, we strongly prohibit:

  • Off-site payments: We do not accept payment for reservations made outside of the Your.Rentals platform, specifically:
    • Pay directly at the property
    • Pay via bank transfer or PayPal for beneficiaries other than Your.Rentals
    • Other payments upon check-in that are NOT mentioned in the booking detail page provided by Your.Rentals.

Please note that Your.Rentals will only contact you to request payment via legitimate channels such as Email (via bookings@your.rentals, support@your.rentals, resolution@your.rentals, verify@your.rentals) and Phone call (via  +45 3695 0111 / +44 7481 342400 / +44 330 808 8759 / +46 40 668 82 51), instead of WhatsApp.

  • Off-platform message/communication: You should not communicate, share personal contact information, or pay for a reservation outside of Your.Rentals' platform. 

Any contact other than the Your.Rentals platform or other than the contact shown on Your.Rentals’s booking details page can be a scam.


Your.Rentals' official and exclusive contacts:

  • Email: bookings@your.rentals / support@your.rentals/ resolution@your.rentals/ verify@your.rentals
  • Phone number: +45 3695 0111 / +44 7481 342400 / +44 330 808 8759 / +46 40 668 82 51


How to identify if a website is truly from Your.Rentals or a partner of Your.Rentals?

There are times when people make fake websites that appear to be published by Your.Rentals on Your.Rentals' Partner page (like Tripadvisor, Airbnb, etc.). These websites, using Your.Rentals images and logo, can be used to attempt to steal personal information, such as your bank account details or password, as well as asking you to pay directly to a strange bank account or asking you to connect them directly via a WhatsApp phone number. 

  • Check the website's url: Pay close attention to any misspellings of Your.Rentals’ name. The website is a scam if Your.Rentals is misspelt in the address.
  • Check for a lock icon in your browser: By looking at a lock icon in the URL bar of your browser, you can determine whether a website is secure. This icon will be visible on all of Your.Rentals & Your.Rentals’ Partner websites. You should not submit any personal information if this symbol is not there in the address bar because it means that your connection to the website is not safe.

For example: Interface to complete payment on Your.Rentals’ official website

If you believe you’re on a fake/suspicious website, we strongly recommend you contact us at verify@your.rentals as soon as possible to double-check if Your.Rentals is truly managing this property, before completing the payment.


Change your password to avoid further issues

We kindly ask you to be specifically careful with any type of communication that you receive, claiming to be from Your.Rentals and that you find suspicious. And if you have already shared any details with suspicious links, we strongly advise you to change your password to avoid further issues. If you have any concerns, please reach out to support@your.rentals.