Setting up a dummy sync

How do I create a Calendar Sync if I don't use another website to manage my calendar?

Normally, we only recommend using Calendar Sync if you are already managing your calendar on another website, such as Google Calendar or directly on a sales channel. However, some sales channels require a Calendar Sync to be set up before they will allow Your.Rentals to publish your listing on their website, even if you don't actually manage your calendar elsewhere.

Whilst this can be frustrating, it's fortunately really easy to set up a dummy sync so that you can publish your listing on the channel. There are several methods you could use to do this, but the easiest thing to do is just to synchronise your listing calendar with a blank calendar from another website or calendar tool. You could choose any calendar tool you like to do this, but we'll refer to Google Calendar for the purposes of this guide.

All you need to do is create an empty calendar. It's important that the calendar is empty because otherwise any events that you add to the calendar will automatically be added to your Your.Rentals calendar as blocked dates. That means that you might find that your dentist appointment is showing up in Your.Rentals and that date can't be booked!

To create a new calendar in Google Calendar, follow these instructions. You'll need a Google account to use Google Calendar. If you don't already have an account, you can create one here. Some calendar tools will automatically try to add events such as birthdays or public holidays. Make sure that these are turned OFF.

Once you've done this, follow these simple instructions to synchronise your Your.Rentals calendar with your new central tool. Any events you add to your central calendar will appear in Your.Rentals, so these dates cannot be booked by guests. If you export your Your.Rentals calendar to your central tool, bookings you receive through Your.Rentals will appear in your central calendar.

Because you now have a Calendar Sync set up, certain sales channels will now be able to accept your listing. However, you are still responsible for keeping your calendar up to date. You should make sure you add bookings you receive elsewhere, block dates that are unavailable or tell us that your calendar is up to date

If your calendar is not kept up to date, your listing may be taken offline!

My listing was paused due to an out of date calendar. How do I get it back online?